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My Favorite Subjects

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My Favorite Subjects
Charles at a golf event

Charles grew up very big on numbers. He liked to count his own steps, cracks in the pavement, count holes on the ceiling, anything really. He excelled in mathematics at an early age and was on the math team in junior high school. Upon 8th grade graduation, he received the math award from St. Augustine's school..

In high school his focus started to shift. Charles became very interested in creative writing, and because more intrigued and interested with English and literature. Starting college, he started to read more and taking more of these classes.

After two years of college, Charles was promoted at work into a management role. After doing so, his shift in subjects started to turn again. Business classes started filling the schedule, and his time. It was great because it was a new challenge and he was still able to incorporate some of his mathematics backgrounds, as well as English in crunching numbers and creating business and marketing plans. He had found a new direction.

Favorite Subjects: Mathematics, English, and Business.