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NFL Super Sunday Weekend: Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers --- Arizona's first Super Bowl in team history --- Pittsburgh looks for NFL record 6th Super Bowl victory.

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Tonight in the NBA: Cavaliers at Magic Spurs at Suns

Douin Stuff #1: NFC Preview

This year’s NFC Championship matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles is a game filled with potential. There is the potential for upset or destiny fulfilled. Neither team was really a serious thought to be in this game; even though the Eagles were always a contender, the Cardinals were written off as one-n-done as soon as they clinched. They became known as “the worst playoff team ever” only because Denver could not hold off the surging San Diego Chargers. However, the Eagles have a case equally as weak. They tied the lowly Bengals while being led by a quarterback who is unaware that the tie exists in the NFL…explains the lackadaisical play calling in Overtime. To be a team written off for dead makes Arizona an extremely dangerous and unpredictable team. Philadelphia however may be destiny’s dance partner, finally. This is the 5th NFC Championship attended by quarterback Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid. The duo has failed to win the Lombardi Trophy however and the unlikely entrance into the playoffs gives them the perfect opportunity to seize the championship. A fruit basket is due to the Buccaneers for graciously losing to an awful Raiders team, at home no less; deep gratitude is also in order for the Bears who, even though in a playoff hunt of their own, lost to an incredibly streaking Texans team. To the benefit of the Eagles and their fans, the stars have aligned and the pieces have fallen nicely into place to put them, once again, on the edge of the Super Bowl.

The Arizona Cardinals have benefitted greatly from a very weak NFC West (what is it about these western divisions?) and secured the 4 spot in the playoffs. This gives them a home game against the wildcard Eagles. This advantage is very important because the Cardinals are 7-2 at home this season. The Eagles meanwhile are 3-3-1 on the road this season. This bodes well for the Cardinals. There is the distinct possibility that “the worst playoff team ever” will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.
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Blog Chomp #2: AFC Preview

Tonight in the NHL: Devils at Bruins Canadiens at Panthers Stars at Red Wings Mapleleafs at Avalanche Coyotes at Sharks Lightning at Hurricans Islanders at Thrashers Senators at Blues Blackhawks at Kings

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