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The current show playing on the main page and optional below is outtakes and a sneak peak of the show. Hopefully on a weekly basis the Maine Event will come to you right here on 4th and Maine! Chuck Taylor, Big Bear, and Rob "the Sauce" Saucier will debate the ten biggest topics of the week. The first show hopefully will be posted here on January 14th!

Also look for the other shows from 4th and Maine like the Blog Chomp radio show and hopefully quick takes from Rob "the Sauce" Saucier!

4th and Maine was created on the bassis of trying to bring to the internet the weekly banter we seemed to have here in Maine. Chuck, Bear, and Rob are looking to create an interactive and fan popular program here at We want all the visitors of the site to send in questions, comments, and suggestions. We will take e-mailed questions on the show as well as user submitted content on the columns. Check back frequently during the week for the latest shows and articles here at 4th and Maine!

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