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Blog Chomp #1: Champs Baby!

“The BCS system was implemented so only one team would have to face Tim Tebow for the championship.” –Rob “The Sauce” Saucier on the radio show quoting various lines from

Unfortunately the Oklahoma Sooners won the right to be that team.

Tim Tebow threw for 231 yards, two touchdowns, and added 109 yards on the ground as the Florida Gators have won their second national title in the last three seasons. Percy Harvin, who had said he was 90% entering the game, ran for 122 yards, caught 49 yards and another score and the Gators pulled away to a 24-14 victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in the BCS National title game and the Gators find themselves on top of the college football world yet again!

The game was much more of a defensive struggle early on then anyone could have predicted. Neither team scored in the first quarter and Oklahoma even picked off Tebow on the first Gators drive. I was a little nervous and surprised at the success Oklahoma’s defense was having stopping the Gators run. There was very little open early and in a close 7-7 game Oklahoma was able to intercept Tim Tebow again. That’s when Clark Kent jumped in the phone booth and emerged as Superman.

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