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The Blog Chomp is the regular blog run by site contributor Chuck Taylor. Below is the featured articles.

Blog Chomp #2: AFC Preview

The AFC Championship will be played this Sunday between two of the stingiest defenses in the NFL. For the third time this season the Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Baltimore Ravens. Both of the previous affairs were decided by less then a touchdown, with the last one ending on the controversial Santonio Holmes touchdown call in Baltimore.

The Steelers were given that game and also won the first game in Pittsburgh. They have won both meetings and would seem to have the psychological edge. However, the Baltimore Ravens are red hot and have won 4 in a row since the loss to Pittsburgh with 3 of those being on the road. They have won 7 of their last 8 overall and seem to be foaming at the mouth for the chance to face the Steelers again. Joe Flacco, Le’ron McClain, and the rest of the offense are complimenting Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, and the rest of the defense perfectly. The Ravens look to have an even better all around team then when they last went to the Super Bowl in 2001.

On the other side of the field Big Ben Roethlisberger is looking to take his team their second Super Bowl in his 5 years. Willie Parker appears to be healthy for the first time all year and the connection of Roethlisberger to Holmes may be the best one left in the playoffs. (Yes, I hear you Arizona. Warner to Fitzgerald is in the argument.) James Harrison also has the defense looking like the steel curtain of old. They absolutely shut down a depleted San Diego Charger's offense and in the regular season gave up just less then two touchdowns a game.

Folks, put the women and children to bed this is going to be a knock down, drag out fight. The kind of hits you will see in this game will bring back memories of old time football. The defenses will look to control the game and it will be the one that makes the bigger plays that wins the game. The offenses will need to control the ball and avoid the big turnovers. With these being the keys the big factors have to be that this game is at Pittsburgh and Joe Flacco is a rookie.

Now I am not discounting the fact that the Ravens are blood thirsty for this game. They want this more then anything. They want to give the Steelers all of the payback of those first two losses and send them home. They want to punch their ticket to Tampa. But Joe Flacco has already won more playoff games in one postseason then any rookie in playoff history. He has gone on the road to Miami and won in heat. He lead the troops into Tennessee and defeated the #1 team in the AFC. When will he hit the rookie wall? When will he make that big mistake? I believe it will be this weekend.

Not only will he make the big mistakes but the Ravens defense is going to show some weakness this weekend. Chris Johnson started to expose a defense that has had to play 18 straight weeks because of an early season hurricane in Houston. Luckily for Baltimore, Johnson was hurt in the second half last week and those weaknesses were covered up. This week the Steelers will not let up. Willie Parker is healthy, which he wasn't in the last matcup. Mike Tomlin will pound the run early and set up some open one on one matchups for Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, and Heath Miller. Big Ben will be fully capable of exploiting these matchups and trying to stay away from Ed Reed as much as possible.

In the end it will be close just like the previous two games. However, Steelers win by pulling away late. 21-13, 24-10 type game. The Steel Curtain is back.

Douin Stuff #1: NFC Preview

Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor
The Myspace
Chuck Taylor is a 23 year old sports fanatic. The Blog Chomp will look at all of the major sports with an emphisis on college football, NFL, and MLB. Readers of the Blog Chomp are encouraged to send in their questions and comments. Periodically Chuck will do an e-mail response section in the blog's. So let your questions be heard!

Age: 22

Location: Augusta
Favorite Teams: Florida Gators, Boston Redsox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots
Favorite Sports Moment: 2004 American League Championship were game 4.


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