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The Blog Chomp is the regular blog run by site contributor Chuck Taylor. Below is the featured articles.

Blog Chomp #1: Champs Baby!

As far as any doubt the Gators are in fact the number one team, Urban Meyer had this to say following the game:

"I'll tell you, we're going to enjoy a big win, we're going to enjoy the national championship," coach Urban Meyer said. "Let someone else worry about that. Gators are No. 1."

The AP agreed.

The Gators picked up 48 of the 65 first place votes and finished #1 in both polls. There will be no split national championship. Sorry USC, Utah, and Texas. Maybe you can be the one team that has to face Tim Tebow in the National title in 2009.

Quick Notes and Bowl Reaction:

1. The SEC is now 5-0 in BCS National title games and also finished 6-2 in the 2008-2009 bowl season. The Big 12 , which sported some of the nation’s highest ranked teams in 2008 including Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Missouri finished the bowl season 4-3. The Big 12 doesn’t seem all that scary now do they?

2. Did Ohio State really get up to play as well as they did or did Texas just sort of take them for granted? Judging by the last two performances in BCS titles by Ohio State and the let down of being left out of both the Big 12 Championship and the National Championship by Texas I am going to go with the later. Luckily for the Horns they were able to wake up with a minute left and pull out the win.

3. The Florida Gators need to negotiate with Utah. No, I am not talking about now for a real National title game, I am talking about for a future home-and-home. As most of you know Urban Meyer use to coach at Utah. Utah also needs to start to get some big boys on the schedule if they ever want to take that next step. Sorry, no Michigan this year on the schedule was not a big boy. Urban should make a call to the AD at Utah and try to get this done. The media hype behind this would be huge and it would be fun to see. It would make for an excellent game the week before Florida State.

4. Oregon is on the rise. The Ducks finished their season 10-3 after defeating Oklahoma State 42-31 in the Sun Bowl. The Ducks finished #10 in the AP poll and should be looking at a high preseason ranking next year. With USC losing some players maybe next year is the year we see a team other then USC in the rose bowl. Probably not, but wishful thinking for this columnist, and probably the entire Big Ten.

5. “Tim Tebow doesn't get rained on, the rain gets Tim Tebow'ed”

6. I hope Penn State goes back to the Rose Bowl again next year. No reason Joe Pa needs to have his team be a one-year wonder. I hope they are competitive for the life of his new three-year deal. However, lookout for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Their win over Penn State this year was no fluke and they will be the one to challenge Penn State and Ohio State in 2009.

7. LSU will bounce back in 2009. The Tigers reached back for a defensive performance in the Peach bowl that escaped them all year in SEC play. The Tigers dominated the game and forced 3 turnovers of Paul Johnson’s Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Georgia Tech is also on the rise, but showed they are not ready to face an SEC defense. Don’t feel bad, neither is the rest of the country.

8. Other teams to watch in 2009: Nebraska, Maryland, California, and Boise State.

9. Way to early prediction, 2009 National Championship: Texas vs. Florida

10. “Tim Tebow sleeps with a night-light. Not because Tim Tebow is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Tim Tebow.”

That’s it for today. Check back here in a few days for the NFL weekend picks. Same Tim Tebow site, same Tim Tebow time. Until next time..

“Barry Bonds didnt take steroids, he injected tim tebows saliva.”

Visit for more Tim Tebowisms.

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Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor
The Myspace
Chuck Taylor is a 23 year old sports fanatic. The Blog Chomp will look at all of the major sports with an emphisis on college football, NFL, and MLB. Readers of the Blog Chomp are encouraged to send in their questions and comments. Periodically Chuck will do an e-mail response section in the blog's. So let your questions be heard!

Age: 22

Location: Augusta
Favorite Teams: Florida Gators, Boston Redsox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots

Favorite Sports Moment: 2004 American League Championship were game 4.


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